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Authors: J. Krawczyk, A. Goesmann, R. Nolte, M. Werber, B. Weisshaar

Trace2PS and FSA2PS provide easy to handle software toolkits that allow to convert sequence and fragment analysis raw data files to PostScript images, respectively. The PostScript output can afterwards be converted into various file formats like e.g. PDF, BMP, JPEG, GIF or PNG. The toolkits are implemented as Perl modules and support the commonly used file formats for storage of sequencing (ABI and SCF) and fragment analysis data (FSA).
trace2ps outputfsa2ps outout
TRACE2PS sample outputFSA2PS sample output.

Users of Trace2PS are requested to cite :
Krawczyk, Justina and Goesmann, Alexander and Nolte, Ralf and Werber, Martin and Weisshaar, Bernd Trace2PS and FSA2PS: two software toolkits for converting trace and fsa files to PostScript format, Source Code for Biology and Medicine, 2009
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