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Author: S. Kurtz

The repetitive structure of genomic DNA holds many secrets to be discovered. A systematic study of repetitive DNA on a genomic or inter-genomic scale requires extensive algorithmic support. The REPuter program was designed to serve as a fundamental tool in such studies. Efficient and complete detection of various types of repeats is provided together with an evaluation of significance and interactive visualization.

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The website provides a partly limited online version of REPuter. The uploaded data size is hard limited to 5 Mb and a maximum of 5000 repeats is calculated due our server capacity. There is a standalone version of REPuter available for Linux, OSX, Solaris, Irix and Alpha. If you are interested to obtain a standalone version, please download the license agreement and follow the instructions.

Users of REPuter are requested to cite :
Kurtz, Stefan and Choudhuri, Jomuna V. and Ohlebusch, Enno and Schleiermacher, Chris and Stoye, Jens and Giegerich, Robert REPuter: The Manifold Applications of Repeat Analysis on a Genomic Scale, Nucleic Acids Res., Nucleic Acids Res., 29(22):4633-4642, 2001., 2001
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