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Tools that do not fit into the other categories

acdc - (A)utomated (c)ontamination (d)etection and (c)onfidence estimation for single-cell genome data. Acdc is a tool to test next-generation-sequencing (NGS) data from single-cell sequencing for contamination. By using sophisticated dimensionality reduction and clustering methods, it uses tetramer profiles to differentiate between different species in a given sample. It automatically detects the number of clusters/species and provides confidence information.

AGT-SDP - Automatic Generated Test-Sets Database for Protein-Protein Docking (AGT-SDP) is a database providing test cases for protein-protein docking.

AIM - AIM is an Automatic Image Processing system for Microarray experiments.

BPR - Bpr is an implementation of the 'bucket-pointer refinement' construction algorithm for suffix arrays.

Decomp - Suppose you are given a DNA fragment of mass 1897.27 Dalton and no other information. What nucleotide combinations are there that lead to exactly this mass? Decomp helps you solve this and similar problems efficiently.

Fly_Pres no description available

Intronserter - Intronserter is a tool for transgene optimization for nuclear expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

jPREdictor - jPREdictor is a tool for the prediction of cis-regulatory elements, e.g. PRE/TREs in Drosophila melanogaster.

libfid - libfid: Full-text Index Data structure Library

Metrans - Taxonomical and functional analysis of metatranscriptomes.

mkESA - mkESA: Enhanced Suffix Array construction tool

mmfind - Evaluates an alignment for mismatches.

MoRAine - MoRAine: a tool for reannotation of transcription factor binding motifs and the creation of sequence logos.

Phase4 - Phase4 : Automatic evaluation of database search methods.

PREdictor - PREdictor a tool for the prediction of Polycomb/Trithorax response elements (PREs/TREs) in Drosophila melanogaster.

SciBrow - SciBrow provides an interactive webbrowser environment for the visualisation of single cell genomics with the purpose of detecting contamination of given DNA contig scaffolds.

TALP - Termination Analysis of Logic Programs

Trace2PS - Trace2PS and FSA2PS: two software toolkits for converting trace and fsa files to PostScript format.

Unwords - Unwords: Efficient computation of absent words in genomic sequences

Wotd - Wotd : Write-only top-down construction algorithm of suffix trees

XenDB - XenDB : Database of clustered Xenopus laevis EST and mRNA data