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Example Alignments
Authors: M. Hoehl, S. Kurtz, E. Ohlebusch
This is the homepage of the software tool MGA. What follows is the abstract of the accompanying paper.


To allow a direct comparison of the genomic DNA sequences of sufficiently similar organisms, there is an urgent need for software tools that can align more than two genomic sequences.


We developed new algorithms and a software tool ``Multiple Genome Aligner'' (MGA for short) that efficiently computes multiple genome alignments of large, closely related DNA sequences. For example, it can align 85% percent of the complete genomes of six human adenoviruses (average length 35,305 bp.) in 159 seconds. An alignment of 74% of the complete genomes of three of strains of E.coli (lengths: 5,528,445; 5,498,450; 4,639,221 bp.) is produced in 30 minutes.


The software MGA is available free of charge for non-commercial research institutions.

New Results

We improved MGA by incorporating a faster chaining algorithm. This reduces the time needed for aligning the three of strains of E.coli to less than 21 minutes. The six human adenoviruses can be aligned in 142 seconds. Furthermore, using new parameters (-l 10 7 5 4) MGA is now capable of aligning 92% in 198 seconds.

Users of MGA are requested to cite :
Hoehl, Michael and Kurtz, Stefan and Ohlebusch, Enno Efficient Multiple Genome Alignment, Bioinformatics, 18 (suppl 1), S312-S320, 2002
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