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HOBIT (Helmholtz Open BioInformatics Technology) statuscodes are used as extension to the established http status codes. These codes allows us to return more specific informations about the submitted job. E.g.: Instead of returning a http 500 code in case of error we can specify what's going wrong.

Statuscodes from 600 < 700 are non-error codes, a code 700 or higher is an error code.

600Finished (also http 200 ok)
603Processing: Pending
604Processing: Running
700General Error
701Input Format Error (submitted data does not follow input format)
702Input Size Error (submitted data to large)
703Execution Error (executable gives enhanced errormsg)
704RAM Size Error (Job consumed too much memory)
705CPU Time Error (Job consumed too much CPU time)
706ID unknown (or older than 30 days)
707ID data deleted (older than 3 days, result data deleted)
708Mail Check Failed (notification email is not valid)
720General Temporary Error - please try again later.
721Internal Resource Error (unspecified)
722Internal Resource Error (database)
723Internal Resource Error (filesystem)
724Internal Resource Error (external service/cloud)
725Internal Resource Error (library)
726External Resource Error - An error occoured while calling an external WebService - please try again later.
727This feature is not yet implemented. Please contact author of WebService.
730WebService Server busy - please try again later.
731Resource busy - please try again later.
732Resource busy - please try again later.
733Resource busy - please try again later.