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A Web-based
practical course on
sequence analysis
using resources from
all over the world.
Sequence Analysis With Distributed Resources
Today, researchers in molecular biology often analyze genetic data resulting from sequencing projects. Many of these tasks can easily be solved using Internet based tools via the World Wide Web, without having to consider technical problems like local installation, maintenance or financial aspects. These tools, offered by different institutions across the world, are growing increasingly indispensable for daily sequence analysis work. Thus, often questions arise like:
  • Where do I find information about published work?
  • What databases are available and what can they be used for?
  • What is the most adequate tool for solving problems like:
    • sequence alignment
    • database searches
    • primer design
    • RNA structure prediction and comparison
  • How do I build a workflow for data analysis?
Teaching people how to solve these problems using web based sequence analysis resources, the WWW itself is the medium of choice. Our web based course SADR - Sequence Analysis With Distributed Resources assumes only minimal background in bioinformatics; it does not primarily explain the algorithms behind the tools. Instead, it emphasizes practical tool usage in connection with the biological considerations that guide the process of sequence analysis.
Starting with an overview of the most widely used databases we introduce tools for database searches, sequence alignments, primer desing and RNA secondary structure analysis. In the last chapter we give an introduction into the currently developing field of WebServices and how they can be used to build workflows using resources distributed across the world.
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