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Author: D. Jaeger
Welcome to Intronserter - a tool for systematic integration of introns into transgenes.
This tool was developed to provide a user-friendly platform for the design of optimized intron-containing transgenes.

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Incorporation of regulatory introns into cDNA has been shown in numerous eukaryotes to improve relative expression levels of transgenes. In the model green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, spreading of introns systematically throughout a transgene to minimize exon lengths has been shown necessary to enable robust expression from its nuclear genome.

This webtool provides a step-by-step service for full codon optimization and intron spreading in target transgenes to remove the guess-work from gene design.
See the Manual to find out how it works.
Note that gene synthesis of the optimized DNA sequence is necessary.

Please cite in your materials and methods section:
"The sequence was optimized based on the strategy described in Baier et al, 2018, with the tool described in Jaeger et al, 2019." (see References)

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