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Genome Comparison
Several Tools for Genome Comparison

AGenDA - Alignment-based Gene Detection Algorithm

AggloIndel - Unraveling overlapping indels by agglomerative clustering

CEGeD - Calculate Evolutionary Genome Distances

CG-CAT - Comparative Genomics - Contig Arrangement Toolsuite

DCJ - UniMog is a software tool unifying five genome rearrangement distance models

FFGC - Family Free Genome Comparison (FFGC) is a self-contained workflow system that provides functionality for all steps of a family-free gene order analysis starting from annotated genome sequences.

Gecko - GEne Cluster detection in proKaryOtes

GEvolutionS - Genome Evolution Simulation

GraphTeams no description available

MGA - Multiple Genome Aligner

newdist - This software package provides implementations of three similarity measures of different expression power to quantify genomic relationships on the basis of the gene connection model.

REPuter - The REPuter program family provides state of the art software solutions to compute and visualize repeats in whole genomes or chromosomes.

SBBI - Sorting by Block-Interchanges

TCRProfiler no description available