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Authors: C. Schleiermacher, D. Hagemeier, T. Gatter

Based on the assumption that genes with related function from different organisms show high sequence similarity, degenerate primers can be designed from sequences of homologues genes. Genefisher 2 is an interactive web-based program for designing degenerate primers. The procedure leads to isolation of genes in a target organism using multiple alignments of related genes from different organisms. The term "gene fishing" refers to the technique where PCR is used to isolate a postulated but unknown target sequence from a pool of DNA.

BatCons2 is a tool for Backtranslation of aminoacid-sequences to nucleicacid-sequences and for ambiguos consensus sequence calculation based on a given alignment.

Users of genefisher2 are requested to cite :
R. Giegerich, F. Meyer and Schleiermacher, C. GeneFisher - software support for the detection of postulated genes, 1996
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