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Authors: J. Krueger, A. Sczyrba

The BiBiServ team discontinued the online service for E2G. E2G doesn't run on our current server environment anymore due to a new hardware archicture / OS upgrade. Please contact the author(s) of E2G for any questions concerning E2G.

E2G is a web based-tool which efficiently maps large EST and cDNA data sets to genomic DNA. The server hosts huge EST databases of a few GB in size in indexed data structure. This allows users to
  • rapidly detect new genes
  • verify the exon-intron structure of predicted genes
  • determine splice variants
in the uploaded genomic region of interest.

Users of E2G are requested to cite :
Krueger, J. and Sczyrba, A. and Kurtz, S. and Giegerich, R. e2g - An Interactive Web-Based Server for Efficiently Mapping large EST and cDNA sets to Genomic Sequences, Nucleic Acids Research, Vol.32, Web Server issue W301-304, 2004
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