Rococo Downloadpage

Rococo Downloadpage

Author(s): Roland Wittler

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rococo-2.0.jarRococo Command line tool. Run java -jar rococo-2.0.jar for further instructions.(java)
comp-0.9.jarRococo-Compare Tool. For comparing and exploring the results of Rococo. Run java -jar comp-0.9.jar for a graphical user interface.(java)
rococo_example-1.0.zipExample data set: Gene orders of the mitochondrial genome and phylogeny of 30 species. See the individual files for further information. Note that this is just an example without any claim of correctness.(data)


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Comment: Most of downloaded tools are compressed with gzip and merged in a TAR - archive. They can be unpacked using gzip and tar on an unix like system or a tool like winzip on a windows system.
Example using gzip/tar: gzip -cd "TOOL".tar.gz | tar xvf -

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