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Authors: R. Hilker, C. Sickinger, R. Friesen, J. Mixtacki, J. Stoye, E. Willing, M. Mattheis, T. Gatter

UniMoG has been extended by uniform sampling for the DCJ sorting. Also DCJ-indel distance and sorting are now available!


UniMoG is a software tool unifying five genome rearrangement distance models: double cut and join (DCJ), restricted DCJ, Hannenhalli and Pevzner (HP), inversion only and translocation only. It allows computing all of these five distances between pairs of genomes. Furthermore, an optimal sorting scenario transforming the first genome of the pair into the second one is returned. The input is not limited to one pair and can handle an arbitrary number of genomes (at least two).


The old DCJ tool, which is also available here, is only capable of computing the DCJ distance between two genomes and an optimal sorting scenario that transforms one genome into the other.

Users of DCJ are requested to cite :
Braga, Marilia D. V. and Willing, Eyla and Stoye, Jens Double cut and join with insertions and deletions., Journal of Computational Biology, 2011
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