Overview of Examples
This server offers numerous application examples, more than you may want to study. They are three kinds of examples:
  • Educational examples, as typically found in computer science text books. If you are a novice dynamic programmer, start with one of these.
  • Dynamic programming "classics" from the field of bioinformatics. If you remember the Needleman-Wunsch, Smith-Waterman, or Zuker algorithm from your course on "Sequence Analysis 101", you might want to start with one of these. If you are teaching "Sequence Analysis 101" this semester, this is also a good point to start.
  • Substantial bioinformatics applications, recently developed with ADP. To understand those reqires reading the cited literature.
From the numerous examples we suggest to use one of the following:
Overall we offer 15 online examples. Check out the complete list.
Make a choice of your example, but be sure to return to this point, as the next pages will give some hints how to use the examples.
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