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CEGeD (Calculate Evolutionary Genome Distances) computes the Inversion distance, the Translocation distance and the Double-Cut-and-Join distance of genomes. The genome data can be read from files or typed in manually in the program. The comparisons are shown as text and as graphic, and can be saved to files. CEGeD is an extension of the DCJ tool.

The Double-Cut-and-Join operation was first introduced by Yancopoulos et al. [YAN:ATT:FRI:2005]. A simpler treatment and a more concise model, presented in [BEG:MIX:STO:2006], is implemented in our CEGeD tool.

Users of CEGeD are requested to cite :
Bergeron, A. and Mixtacki, J. and Stoye, J. A unifying view of genome rearrangements., Proceedings of WABI 2006, 2006