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Authors: B. Morgenstern, A. Sczyrba, S. Goel, A. Dress

The BiBiServ team discontinued the online service for AltAVist. Please contact the author(s) of AltAVist for any questions concerning XendDB.

AltAVist (Alternative Alignment Visualization Tool) is a WWW-based software program that is able to compare two alternative multiple alignments of a given sequence set to each other. Regions where both alignments coincide are color-coded to visualize the local agreement between the two alignments and to identify those regions of the alignments that can be considered to be most reliable.

Users of AltAVist are requested to cite :
Morgenstern, Burkhard and Goel, Sachin and Sczyrba, Alexander and Dress, Andreas AltAVisT : A WWW tool for comparison of alternative multiple alignments, Bioinformatics, 2003
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