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Authors: L. Taher, O. Rinner, B. Morgenstern

AGenDA is a gene-prediction tool that is based on cross-species sequence comparison. The software tools CHAOS and DIALIGN are used to align a pair of syntenic genomic sequences, e.g. from human and mouse. AGenDA searches for conserved splice sites and start/stop codons at the boundaries of identified sequence homologies in order to identify potential exons; these potential exons are then used to assemble entire gene models.

The BiBiServ team discontinued the online service for AGenDA. AGenDA doesn't run on our current server environment anymore due to a new hardware archicture / OS upgrade. Please contact the author of AGenDA for any questions concerning AGenDA.

Users of AGenDA are requested to cite :
Taher, L and Rinner, O and Garg, S and Sczyrba, Alexander and Brudno, M and Batzoglou, S and Morgenstern, B AGenDA: homology-based gene prediction, BIOINFORMATICS, 2003
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