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The core ADP project team

Robert Giegerich
Daniel Hagemeier
Thomas Hoechsmann
Stefan Janssen
Georg Sauthoff
Stefanie Schirmer
Peter Steffen

Former ADP project team members

Dirk Evers
Carsten Meyer
Janina Reeder
Jens Reeder
Marc Rehmsmeier
Marco Rüther

ADP users

Anne Condon, University of British Columbia
Tim Sheard, Portland State University
Corinna Theis
Christoph Flamm
Christian Höhner zu Siederdissen

and, of course, all the users of the tools
  • pknotsRG (RNA structure prediction with simple recursive pseudoknots),
  • RNAshapes (RNAfolding with representative structures and shape probabilities),
  • RNAcast (Consensus structure prediction from multiple sequences without conservation, part of RNAshapes package),
  • RNAhybrid (Prediction of RNA-RNA interaction sites, especially miRNA-target interaction)
  • Locomotif (Graphical description of RNA motifs and generation of matching algorithms)
  • RNAsifter (Speeding up Rfam searches by applying shape-based filtering)
  • KnotInFrame (Predicting programmed -1 frame shift signals)

Please contact us if you wish to be included in these lists.

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