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BiBiServ Team
Member list of BiBiServ Team

BiBiServ has no permanent staff dedicated to development of tools. Students in our local bioinformatics curriculum do project works and bachelor/master theses. PhD students as well as postdocs contribute software or educational material from their research and their teaching. Sometimes we also decide to serve software developed by collaborators of our group. A small group of curators takes care that BiBiServ runs reliably and consistently.

If you have any comments, suggestions or technical problems, please send email to the server curators at bibi-help(at)techfak.uni-bielefeld.de. Simply replace the (at) with the usual @ sign to get the correct E-mail address. Please help to avoid spam.

The BiBiServ curators are:

  • Thomas Gatter (student assistant)
  • Christian Henke (scientific assistant)
  • Andreas Lückner