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BiBiServ policies
BiBiServ policies
  • Availability:All tools are available online for free, both to academic and commercial users. Some of the software tools are distributed also or only for local installation. In the latter case commercial users may have to pay a license fee.
  • Credits:If you use BiBiServ tools for your research and publish your results, we request that you cite the BiBiServ URL as well as the reference article indicated with each tool individually.
  • Tool release:New tools officially appear on BiBiServ at as soon as corresponding publications explaining their purpose and underlying algorithms appear. Unofficially (i.e. without a hotlink from the main web-site) they may appear earlier, to facilitate cooperation or evaluation by external researchers.
  • Tool selection:While some tools have thousands of users per month, others less than hundred, and some perhaps only ten, the criterion of persistence on BiBiServ is not popularity, but scientific value. Tools disappear from BiBiServ when their purpose has become obsolete (because scientific questions or laboratory techniques have changed), or when a better tool for the same purpose becomes available elsewhere.
  • Confidentiality:BiBiServ runs in a UNIX environment. The data stored locally can be accessed only by the BiBiServ administrators. For anonymous user the result of a calculation is stored temporarily and can be accessed using the job_id for three days and deleted afterwards. Encrypted submissions only supported for registered users.